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About us
GIA Virtual Series is a GIA Global Group's platform to facilitate an online trainings and expand a community of experts that have been joining us at live events every year.
Virtual events give a unique opportunity to stay connected with peers over the globe at no travel costs, no logistics issues, no internal approvals or any other traditional challenges from conferences we are all used to.

With that in mind we sincerely invite you to join the platform and take the maximum value possible from learning, networking and ideas exchange with professionals around the world.
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While our free webinars are an excellent platform to keep yourself on track with the latest industry news, our workshops are designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on training led by experienced experts.
  • Learn from leading experts
  • Join live Q&A discussion with speakers
  • Connect with attendees and continue the discussion after the event
  • Join the community of your peers globally
  • Stay updated on industry news
We believe it is crucial to keep the discussion on going throughout the year. That is why our virtual meetings are designed to let participants exchange experience, find answers and simply have a productive time.
Connections are worth more than money.
Discover new Networking, Learning and Business opportunities by joining an industry experts community based on your area of interest.
GIA Global Group is a team of market research, analysis and event management professionals aiming to boost business intelligence with a focus on cyber security, data analytics and operational excellence.

Through the high quality international events gathering leading experts and senior level executives globally we strive to provide businesses with the best industry practices and help companies to grow and achieve commercial success.
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