Cloud Infrastructure Management

June 30th
at 17:00 CEST
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Insights on Cloud Infrastructure in Mobility domain
Cloud adoption with hybrid architecture
Cloud Security Challenges and Risks
Digital transformation has never been more in demand than now. The recent vast shift to remote has defined further the growing tendency of companies to migrate to the cloud. While moving to cloud is a good thing, it is critical that an organisation proceed with caution.

That is why we put together this webinar to discuss the core aspects of cloud adoption, get insights on cloud infrastructure in mobility domain and hear trends and challenges impacting cloud security.

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Data Analytics Expert at Siemens AG
Vijay Pravin Maharajan
TEDx Speaker | Top 40 under 40 Data Scientists in India | Nominated as Top 20+ Inspiring Data Scientists to be followed in 2020 by AI Time Journal from the United States | Social Media Content Creator – 25,000+ followers on Linkedin.


  • Insights on Cloud Infrastructure in Mobility domain
Senior Infrastructure Consultant / Cloud Engineering at Avanade Austria GmbH
Viorel Condria
Viorel has spent the past decade architecting, implementing and operating clouds globally, since 3 years active for Avanade Austria, guiding enterprises on their journey to modern technologies. His experience revolves around migrations and operations of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure clouds and covers to a wide spectrum of technical and human challenges.

Topic - Cloud adoption with hybrid architecture

  • The cloud adoption journey;
  • Cloud Architecture vs onPrem Architecture;
  • Hybrid Identities and Security;
  • Hybrid infrastructure enablement to the cloud.
The Chairman of Information Risk Management and Assurance Specialist at Group British Computer Society
Reza Alavi
Reza has been working in Cyber Security Risk arena for over 10 years where he helps his clients to tackle complex security challenges and implementing robust information security frameworks and solutions across diverse sectors whilst leveraging a broad blend of Risk Management, Cloud Security, DevSecOps, Data Quality, Assurance and Supply Chain Risk Management.

Topic - Cloud Security Challenges and Risks

What is Cloud and its Benefits?
• Trends Impacting Cloud Security;
• Challenges & Risks.
Serial EdTech Entrepreneur
Lukas Macenauer - Moderator
Lukas is a seasoned facilitator and moderator with a background in data-driven HR and L&D.
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