The role of AI / ML and data in protecting populations

May 21th
at 17:00 CEST
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Transparency and availability of data in time of crisis;
Using Kalman Filter to Predict Coronavirus Spread;
Deep Learning for COVID-19 detection based on CT-Xray - Learning the right feature, Interpretability, Analytics for a Doctor;
Machine Learning and Market Movements.
Viral pandemics is a serious threat and COVID-19 shocked the world, but it is not the first pandemics, and it won't be the last. Nevertheless, we are collecting and sharing insights as it never happened before. Hundreds of research teams are combining their efforts to collect data and develop solutions.
At this webinar we would like to show how machine learning-based technologies are playing a substantial role in the response to the current situation. Our speakers with a very different backgrounds will share their knowledge about coronavirus spread prediction, COVID-19 detection and market movements.
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Edosa Odaro — MODERATOR
Edosa is the mind behind radical #SpeedInjectionModel and #ConnectingSilos innovations helping global household brands become increasingly indispensable – through data and artificial intelligence (AI) accelerations of up to 95%. He is passionate about inclusion; a keen advocate for its associative benefits; and has been named a Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential Leader.
Srivatsan Santhanam
"Srivatsan has been with SAP for past 16 years. Srivatsan drives the strategy, product features and adoption of features for cloud products in SAP. Srivatsan has 5 US patents to his credit and many more in filed state. Blogger, Data Scientist and Author.
san has 5 US patents to his credit and many more in filed state. He is a regular blogger and author of couple of SAP Press books.
He is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad and has a master's in data science from IIIT-Bangalore.
Srivatsan is a regular speaker in many technology & innovation events worldwide."

Machine Learning and Market Movements

  • Learn about ML techniques deployed in Share Markets to
  • Predict long term trends
  • Short Term trends
  • Reversals non-trending behavior
Debjyoti Paul
Debjyoti has completed a master's in Machine Learning and Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute. He has worked in Microsoft Bing Ads as Software Engineer related to Machine Learning and HSBC as a Decision Scientist in Credit Risk Analysis. Currently he is working as a Data Science professional at Amazon. His area of research mainly encompasses NLP and Information Retrieval. Currently Debjyoti is also actively involved in Financial Machine Learning and Adversarial Learning.

Deep Learning for COVID-19 detection based on CT-Xray - Learning the right feature, Interpretability, Analytics for a Doctor There have been numerous researches on how to detect COVID-19 from xrays.

  • How to transfer, learn and evaluate such a model?
  • Common misconceptions and Interpretability
  • Can we use interpretability for doctor analytics
Ran Kremer
Data science expert. 7 years of experience managing data science teams and ML projects in the industry of online advertising focusing on user behavior predictions.
Founder of an algo-trade company that trades in the stock market following time series forecasting methods and statistical models.
Experienced in both time-series/ML research, and production implementation using cloud platforms solutions such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
Currently working on a Master's of data science degree and research at Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Using Kalman Filter to Predict Coronavirus Spread

  • Kalman filter online algorithm.
  • Implementation of the algorithm to predict the worldwide spread of COVID-19 (Python, R).
  • Produce accurate short-term predictions.
  • Estimate longer period predictions of confirmed, death and recovered cases.
  • Adapting predictions and use them to improve plans and decision making.
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