Predictive maintenance

October 15th 2020
at 17:00 CEST
ABOUT webinar
Using AI to discover key trends in future manufacturing;
The Market for Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems;
Highlights on influential developments in digital industry platforms, manufacturing-as-a-service, and no-code/low-code digitalization of manufacturing
To respond to the fast-changing environment and dynamic needs of customers, customized mass production systems are becoming more advanced. Because of these developments, manufacturers face different challenges. Maintenance planning and scheduling is one of the most important production components in such systems, due to the importance of availability and high investment for such a system. To control this system, a predictive maintenance method is recently proposed.

At this webinar we will discuss what is the current stage of technology, where to look at, when choosing an automation system for your production and how can AI be used to spot trends in complex datasets.
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Managing Director at delphai, Germany
Dr Robin P.G. Tech
Dr. Robin P. G. Tech is the managing director and co-founder of delphai, a self-service market intelligence platform that provides insights on global innovation trends and companies. Additionally, Dr. Tech is also a senior researcher at both MIT and WZB, an advisor to the German Parliament across multiple committees, the high-tech coordinator at the German Startup Association, an advisor to Blockchain for Science, and a member of the economic council of the Green Party.

Using AI to discover key trends in future manufacturing

  • Overview of major technology and business model developments in manufacturing
  • How AI can be used to spot trends in complex datasets
  • Highlights on influential developments in digital industry platforms, manufacturing-as-a-service, and no-code/low-code digitalization of manufacturing
    Market Analyst at Interact Analysis, USA
    Blake Griffin
    Blake Griffin is the Market Analyst at Interact Analysis for 3 years. He's conducted over 200 interviews with stakeholders of various industrial automation markets including predictive maintenance & low voltage motor drives.

    The Market for Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems

    • The market for predictive maintenance in motor driven systems carried a value of $117.5 M in 2019. This valuation is largely made up from legacy predictive maintenance products like portable monitoring devices.
    • While some legacy predictive maintenance solutions are likely to be displaced, many legacy devices will maintain strong growth and will be used in compliment to new methods like smart sensing. A key reason for this being the enhanced data resolution which many of these devices offer over smart sensors.
    • ____ as a Service models are increasingly emerging as a method for tying all technologies together under a single solution offering. This eliminates key barriers to predictive maintenance that the current status quo faces including data ownership concerns.
    Industry 4.0 expert | Digital Governance | Risk Management | Compliance at University of São Paulo
    Felipe Dal Belo
    Executive with 19 years of career bringing solid knowledge in Digital Governance, Risk Management & Compliance, Business Intelligence, AI & Analytics, Operations, and Privacy.

    • Board Member of Crisis and Conflict resolution – University of São Paulo
    • Sr. Advisor: Digital Governance, Risk Management and Compliance – Kroll | Duff & Phelps
    • MBA Professor _ Industry 4.0 and Digital Business at University of São Paulo
    • PhD Candidate _ Artificial Intelligence and Analytics applied on Manufacturing Processes

    Dr. Byron Ernest - Director of Educator Development & Partnerships at Noble Education Initiative
    Dr. Byron Ernest does professional development in leadership and education around the world. Dr. Ernest authored the book: The Hand In the Back of the Room: Connecting School Work to Real Life. He serves on the Indiana State Board of Education and is Chair-Elect of the National Association of State Boards of Education. Dr. Ernest is a former AgriScience Teacher who was named 2010 Indiana Teacher of The Year and 2011 Christopher Columbus Foundation National Outstanding Agriscience Teacher. Byron served as the Department Head for Agriculture Science and FFA at Lebanon Community School Corporation where he started the program from scratch. The program is now one of the largest in the state and is well respected nationally for its focus on teaching science in the context of agriculture. Byron holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Education and a Master's in Education from Purdue University. He received his Doctorate from Walden University in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning. In 2017 Dr. Ernest completed the Certificate for Advanced Educational Leadership program at Harvard University where he is continuing his Post-Doctoral Studies.

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